A downloadable game for Windows

A Downloadable Game for Windows

The game is out !

Final Planet is a cooperative sci-fi twin-stick shooter (up to 4 players) where you get to shoot crazy and gross-looking alien creatures.

25 students from UQAT's Montreal Campus have been pouring countless hours to develop this awesome game. All of this done in 8 weeks!

Explore the Final Planet

  • Intriguing level and creatures
  • Different character builds and strategies 

Collaborate with your Teammates

  • Revive your fallen teammates
  • Optimize your strengths together


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Voice actors

  • Saïdat Doyle - Green Character & Commander
  • Tiffany Trogi - Yellow Character
  • Marc-André De Blois - Red Character
  • Gabrielle Goulet - A.I. Voice


FinalPlanet.zip 661 MB


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Round 2! I made it to the boss but was unable to beat him due to the lack of checkpoints. I did dig a little harder into some feedback and criticism this time around, but since this was such a sort term project I don't think they're all that severe. Again, great work!


Thank you! It was a short term project and we try our best. For us it's the first time we share our game :) Thank you for your comment.

Awesome stuff here! The amount of detail in the world and animations are impressive for such a short term project! The action is awesome as well, even in single player, the weapon and ability variety is top notch as well. Just fantastic work all around!


Thank you so much we really appreciate it :)